The system is silent and hardly visible in the air which is essential for any reconnaissance mission.


The flight may last up to 3 hours and total range can reach up to 160 km.


The system is small, light and has a modular construction. It may be conveniently fitted into a trunk of a car.


The aircraft is hand-launched. Horizontal take-off is easy and no supporting equipment is needed.

Autonomous mission

Pre-planned missions can be performed in autonomous regime, even in absolute radio silence.


The aircraft lands using deep-stall method. Landing may be performed even in a confined area.


Wingspan: 1.6m
Length: 0.84m
Weight: 2.9kg

Link Range

Control range - up to 30 km
up to 45 km with LRTA
Total range – up to 160 km


Cruise speed – 16m/s
Maximum speed – 25m/s

Hornet XR

The Hornet XR UAS boasts several key features for covert missions. Weighing just 2.9 kg, it launches with a simple throw and silently flies for up to 3 hours, covering vast distances (up to 160 km) unseen. Pre-programmed missions allow for autonomous operation, even in GNSS-denied environments, or when radio signals are jammed or unavailable. Landing employs a deep-stall method for easy retrieval, and the compact, modular design makes it easy to transport in a car trunk.

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Snapshot from video recorded
on the ground taken from 3 km.


Thermal camera snapshot

In Action

x20 optical zoom

In this picture, you can see what the x20 optical zoom of objects from 2.5 km away looks like.

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