Meet the Innovators Powering the Future of Drone Surveillance Reconnaissance & Defense!

Gediminas Guoba

Gediminas is a co-founder and CEO of Granta Autonomy. He is a professional engineer, team leader, and speaker for the last 20+ years with experience developing smart autonomous systems, from "simple" high scalability business systems to complicated and multi-discipline reconnaissance Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for armed forces. He has a vast experience working with startups where speed, agility, and innovative ideas are essential.

Laurynas Litvinas

Laurynas is a co-founder of Granta Autonomy and an experienced lead engineer with a portfolio of software engineering projects in aviation, banking and retail sectors complemented by electronics engineering experience of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), including avionics, camera gimbals, and data links.

Renatas Norkus

Renatas is an accomplished diplomat and former public service executive with 30+ years of experience in foreign, security, defence policy and international relations with expertise in strategy, G2B, bilateral & multilateral negotiations. Renatas is well-versed, nuanced in geopolitics, and well-connected to international governmental and corporate networks.